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Negotiations, did you hear me?

I was reading an old article in the June 2009 edition of Inc. Magazine titled "When Negotiating, Always Listen Before You Speak" by Senior Contributing Editor, Norm Brodsky when many great points were brought to my memory.

In negotiations, how do you know what the other sides wants if you are so anxious to put out there what you NEED versus what the other side is WANTING first.

Here are some simple things you can do before pushing your agenda. You might find your agenda isn't the right agenda in the first place.

1. Listen - what is the other party saying that you NEED to hear first? Don't open your mouth......yet. Just like the title of this article by Norm Brodsky states, "...Always listen before you speak"

2. Don't Assume - you never know, until you know. Ask questions, find out what they want, what they need. Then you know, not before then.

3. Be Open - give thought to what you hear and be open to something you weren't expecting but can be a good option for you.

Negotiations aren't always you talking with another party, but sometimes listening will enable you to say the right things to make a deal happen. Next time you have a negotiation opportunity, did you take the time to first listen and hear what is being said or did you push your agenda.

Happy Negotiating!

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