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Experiential Marketing

I came across this video while doing some browsing on YouTube and wanted to share some thoughts about how brands enage their customers. Kudos to Pictionary and Mattel Games on a great video and promotion. Watch the video.....

As you watched you may have some of the same thoughts I did. Wow, how cool. They created an 'event' with this promotion. They engaged the average 'mall shopper' into having fun. The engaged and then rewarded. They engaged and provided value with the experience, i.e. gifts, marching band, parade, interaction from man in the screen with signs. They made it fun.

YTD, they have 1.1M views on YouTube and the residual impressions is probably 3x that through word of mouth and other social media platforms from this event.

How does the public or your potential customer experience you? Do they interact? Watch? Do they marvel at your actions or do you make them feel good? How do you reward your customers?

I firmly believe if you make your customer feel good, have a good experience or have fun with you, you will have a 'fan' or a customer for life. Provide value that no one else can or has and you have them on your team.

March 23, 2016 ***UPDATE***

I wanted to add, I saw this commercial and had to share it. To show an example of great marketing, interactive event at a soccer game. Those that were at this game, told a friend, posted to social media and talked about it later. Watch and enjoy this great promotion by Emirates Airlines.

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